Benjamin Perdue (RPBLIK)

Benjamin Perdue (RPBLIK)

A British artist focused on a love of pop culture which combines an urban art and expressive influence with a punk rock visual ethos.

Painting under the pseudonym RPBL!K, Benjamin works primarily with acrylic on canvas, creating pieces inspired by the movies, music, video games and pop culture icons that influenced his early years.

Discovering a love of both art and music as a teenager, and growing up in the culturally rich city of Nottingham, England, he immersed himself in the city’s art and music scene. Playing in a multitude of punk rock bands through his 20s and early 30s, (Spoonfed, Vasey, Noise Republic - his RPBL!K pseudonym coming from the latter), Benjamin found solace from depression though writing music and creating artworks which visually represented the songs he was recording.

Relocating to Norway in 2014, he refocused on painting as his primary creative outlet, turning to the pop culture imagery that defined his youth as his main source of inspiration whilst further developing the expressive stye.

Vivid in colour, with expressive and often care free brush or pallet strokes, his works carry a subtle ´pixillation´ theme between them: a nod towards his fondness of 8-bit era video games, and a visual wink to the deeper existential questions he often ponders…

See his work here.

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