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Almost 25 years have passed since I pressed the shutter button underwater (uw) and it has evolved gradually by grabbing better (!) images in every dive. In parallel with technologies both in scuba diving and photography; and the reachability of the exotic geographic locations, my experience and knowledge have increased. When I asked myself the question of "why do I love to take pictures uw", some explanations appear immediately in my mind as follows; first, if I carry a camera during diving, I observe living/nonliving underwater environment more carefully and thoroughly. When searching for a photographable element or a scene, it becomes easier to notice an event or a composition that might be missed by an ordinary diver. The second major reason why I take pictures uw is that the images attracts others people’s interest and I frequently feel that “the images I take may be enjoyable, informative or even useful” for others. I get great pleasure to open exhibitions, publish uw photos in my website or Instagram, and donate photos to local and foreign scientists and non-governmental organizations who occasionally contact me. This gives me energy and the driving force to plan the next dive trip.

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